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Business Accounts & Services

Fee Schedule

Effective September 14, 2018

Our fees for services are not viewed as a source of income. They’re charged either as a deterrent to discourage abuse or to recover the cost of providing a special service. For more information on our Consumer Services Fee Schedule click here.

Fee Schedule
Account Closing Fee (if closed within 6 months of opening)$20.00
Account Reconciliation (per hour)$30.00
Copy of Statement/Account History$10.00
Account Transaction Fees - Over Limit1$0.30
Account Cash Deposit Fees- Over Limit2$0.15
Account Research (per hour)$15.00
ATM Withdrawal (5+ per month)$0.50
Below Minimum Balance3$5.00
Bill PayerFREE
Cashiers Check$5.00
Check Cashing1.00%
Coin Machine (members)Free
Coin Machine (non-members)6.00%
Copy of Check$5.00
Copy of Statement$5.00
Courtesy Pay (check & debit card)$28.00
Daily Overdraft Fee$10.00
Dormant Account$10.00
eStatement Opt-Out Fee$3.00
Incoming Wire TransfersFREE
Incoming Wire Transfers, InternationalFREE
Levy/Garnishment (attachment)$75.00
Money Orders$1.00
NSF (check & bill payer)$30.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer (reoccurring; voice - self initiated)4$10.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer (voice - self initiated)4$15.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers (branch initiated)$20.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers (reoccurring; branch initiated)$15.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers, International (branch initiated)$35.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers, International (reoccurring; branch initiated)$25.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers, International (reoccurring; voice - self initiated)4$15.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers, International (voice - self initiated)4$20.00
Overdraft (check & debit card)$30.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee5$5.00
Point of Sale Transactions (Debit Card)FREE
Replacement Card $10.00
Returned ACH debits$30.00
Returned Item Fee$30.00
Returned Mail Fee/Bad Address$10.00
Stop Payment - each additional$15.00
Stop Payment - first one$25.00
Stop Payment of Cashiers Check$20.00
Stop Payment Series$20.00
Stop Payments - initiated online$15.00
Third Party On-Us Checks$5.00
Traveler's Checks - Domestic (per $100) $1.00
Traveler's Checks for two (per $100)$1.50
1. $0.30 per transaction over monthly combined transaction limit
2. $0.15 per hundred over monthly cash deposit limit
3. Below minimum fee will be charged in addition to monthly savings fee if account goes below $1000 min.
4. One time setup fee of $25 for Voice Wire
5. Overdraft transfer fee - transfer will occurring in $100 increments or whichever is available