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Why Consider Refinancing

High-interest auto loans? High monthly personal loan payments? Looming credit card debt? Whatever the reason, it's time to start off with a clean slate. Refinancing high-interest loan(s) from other financial institutions could place more money in your pocket each month and save you less interest payments over the life of the loan.

And the process is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. See how we compare. Check out our current rates and estimate your monthly payment.
  2. Apply for a loan. Indicate the words “REFINANCE” in the comments.
  3. Close your loan in the branch or online.

When refinancing your loan it's also a great time to reconsider and possibly shop around for better insurance and loan coverage. Be sure to get a free insurance quote to learn if you have the best coverage at the best cost. 

Get Started!   Shop Insurance

Make the smart choice. Apply today!

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Auto Loan APR. Maryland Average 3.77%. Prince Georges Credit Union 1.99%. 48 Month used auto loan*Data as of 10/1/22. Based off 60-month used auto loan. Maryland bank average reported from monthly loan survey through independent third-party company, S&P Global Market Intelligence.

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