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What Payment Forms do you Accept?

We know how important payment processing is to your bottom line.  That’s why we partnered with an industry leader, NXGEN, to help our Business Members grow their business. Their payment solutions cover everything from simple debit and credit card processing at the terminal, to full Cloud-based business management solutions using point of sale technology. 

Whether you take payments at your restaurant, retail store, over the phone, through a catalog or online. We will make sure that you are minimizing your costs. With today’s technology, they can offer web-based transaction processing so you can process from anywhere with an internet connection. Plus, they offer Quickbooks compatibility. Every account comes with FREE online reporting to track your batch and deposit activity.


  • Flexible mobile, online and in-store payment options
  • Easy electronic transfer in your Business Checking account 
  • Competitive processing costs
  • Peace of mind

Other Considerations 

Equipment Options
From taking mobile, to online and in-store payments, we’ve got you covered. With dozens of payment terminals to choose from, NXGEN is fully equipped to handle your payment processing needs as your business continues to grow and evolve.

Reduce your Business Risk 
Most data breaches happen to businesses with less than $2 million in annual sales.  The nightmare of a single data breach can cost you and your business.  NXGEN works diligently with each merchant to ensure they become and stay PCI Compliant.  They go a step further. Because NXGEN represents the very best of Elavon Processing, once you are PCI Compliant, Elavon will warranty each data breach for up to $250,000 in reimbursed fines/costs.  Now that’s a pro-growth business program! 

Transparent Reporting
Complicated reporting can leave you wondering. What’s your true costs?  Which transactions could have cost you less if you’d only run it differently? NXGEN offers the type of reporting, access and control that merchant’s value most highly.  Always online, always available, always easy to understand.  As you take advantage of our services, you’ll find your business enjoying big business advantages, no matter what your current volume or number of transactions.

Customer Service 24/7
Merchants who choose to work with us quickly recognize the positive difference personal-based customer service makes.  Merchants come for the NXGEN clout and stay for the service. 
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