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2018/19 Board Roster

Prince George’s Community Federal Credit Union is governed by a Board of Directors, elected by our Members from among our Members. The board, in turn, employs a professional staff that operates the credit union. The board also appoints the Supervisory Committee that oversees our finances. Below are this year's elected Members.

Steve Kaplan


Darryl Jones, Sr.
Vice Chair

William Frazier

Mike Dougherty

Charlie Deegan
Board Member

Sean Eames
Board Member

Maurene McNeil
Board Member

Darryl Shelton
Board Member

Frank DiSalvo
Board Member

Supervisory Committee


Al Richman

Mike Hatton
Committee Member

Brenda Sigaran
Committee Member

Mary Fuegel
Committee Member





Grace Eyiba
Committee Member
(Picture coming)

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