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Account Fees
Returned Check Item$30.00
Copy of Statement (Account History)$10.00
Copy of Check$5.00
Stop of Payment Withdrawal Check$20.00
Shares Below Minimum$5.00
Cashier's Check$5.00
Levy / Garnishment (Attachment)$75.00
Account Closing Fee
(If closed within 6 months of opening.)
Returned Mail Fee$10.00/month
Account Research
(Per hour, not to exceed 3 hours. Free if credit union error.)
Dormant Account
(Per month after one year of inactivity.)
IRA Custodial Fees$50.00
Paper Statement$1.00/month
Checking Account Fees
Courtesy Pay$30.00
Copy of Original Check$5.00
Stop Payments (First One)$25.00
Stop Payments (Each Additional)$20.00
Stop Payments (Series)$25.00
Account Reconciliation (Per Hour)$10.00
Credit Card Fees
Late Payment Fee$30.00
Returned item due to non-sufficient funds (i.e. ACH Debit)$30.00
Returned Loan Payment Fee$30.00
Replacement Card Fee$10.00
Statement Copy$10.00
Special Handling Fee$10.00
Stop Payment for Recurring Payments$5.00
2 Day Delivery per Card$50.00
2 Day Delivery per PIN$50.00
3 Day Delivery per Card$25.00
3 Day Delivery per PIN$25.00
Debit Card Fees
ATM Withdrawals - Not On-Us or POS - (1st 4 per month)Free
ATM Withdrawals (5 or more per month)$.50 each
Point of SaleFree
Propriety ATM's Foreign Transaction$3.00
Replacement Card/Extra Card/New PIN$10.00
Loan Fees
Payday Express Application$20.00
All Other Loan ApplicationsFree
Mortgage Verification$10.00
Loan Subordination Fee$150.00
Other Fees
Bill Payer NSF Fee$30.00
Visa Travel Card$4.00
Gift Cards$3.50
Money Orders$1.00
Holiday Savings Early Withdrawal$35.00
Coin Machine (Members)Free
Coin Machine (Non-Members)6% of amount
3 x 5 Safety Deposit Box$25.00 Annually
3 x 10 Safety Deposit Box$40.00 Annually
5 x 10 Safety Deposit Box$60.00 Annually
10 x 10 Safety Deposit Box$100.00 Annually
Replacement Safety Deposit Box Key$40.00
Safety Deposit Box Drilling$200.00
Third Party on US Check Cashing$10.00
NotaryFree (Members Only)
Medallion Signature GuaranteeFree (Members Only)
ACH & Electronic Fees
Returning ACH Debits$30.00
ACH Stop Payment$30.00
Incoming Wire TransfersFree
Outgoing Wire Transfers (Each Destination)$20.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers (International - Each Wire)$30.00
Recurring Wire$10.00
Western Union Quick Cash (Domestic)$18.00
Foreign Currency Program
Most services available in common and exotic currencies 
Foreign Currency Purchase/Sale*
International Interchange Fee1% of transaction

*Fees vary, contact credit union for current prices.

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