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Step up and gain your independence with a financial package tailored to help you save & manage your money. Whether you’re in high school or college, the StudentAdvantage package offers you everything you need to avoid costly fees and save for the items most important to your future.

Take advantage of:

  • Free Teen/Collegiate Checking: Use your Visa® debit card worldwide for everyday purchases from your checking account. Plus, check your balance, transfer funds, and get up-to-the-minute alerts for fraudulent activity through online & mobile banking.
  • SaveUp College Account: Schedule regular deposits over 5 years and earn above average above market yields to plan for major college or life expenses. Great option for books, tuition or your first car.
  • Student Loans: Gain access to Sallie Mae® loans to help you fill in the gaps to funding your college needs.
  • Student Visa® Credit Card: Are you 18 year or older? Apply and you could receive a low fixed rate credit card with a healthy beginning credit limit to help you begin building a positive credit history.
  • Free Financial Insight: Want to understand how you can make your money work harder for you? Check out KOFE for free access to tools and information to budget & credit management. Your first million dollars starts by effectively managing your first dollar.

This account also gives children access to Banzai Teen that uses real-world situations—like paying unexpected expenses, finding creative ways to earn money, and setting savings goals—to teach you about managing their own money.


Stop by any of our branches and bring -

  • Two forms of ID (Drivers license, School ID or Birth certificate), Social Security Number card
  • Parent or Guardian (if under 18 years old)

*Must be 18 and older to apply for a Visa Credit Card. SaveUp account requires 60 monthly deposits or 130 biweekly deposits. Member’s responsibility to ensure that the sufficient funds are in your account to cover automatic transfers to this Share Certificate. Contact us for details.

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