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Better Together Community Event

This pandemic has identified millions of people who need help and many who, in fact, may have never needed help before. That’s why we’re stepping it up again to make an impact right here in Prince George's County during our Better Together Community Event!

Simply open a new membership or refinance a loan now through February 28 and we’ll donate $20 on your behalf to one of the following four local charities:

  • Christmas in April: Since 1989 Christmas in April has focused on repairing the homes of low-income or physically challenged senior citizens so that they live in warmth and safety.  To learn more visit
  • Marlboro Churches Food Bank: Supporting clients in the Upper Marlboro MD and immediate surrounding communities, this food bank is part of the Trinity Episcopal Church of Upper Marlboro. Food distribution takes place the 2nd Sat of each month from 7-9am. For more information please visit their Facebook page.
  • Children's Hospital: Recognized for its expertise and innovation in pediatric care and as a strong voice for children through advocacy at the local, regional and national levels, Children's Hospital has been around for 150 years. To find out more please visit
  • Friends of Patuxent:  Formed in 1992 , the Friends of Patuxent Research Refuge and the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in Laurel, Maryland raises funds for educa­tional programs, exhibits, and re­search that includes contaminants, migratory birds and studies of endangered species. For more information please visit
With our competitive rates on loan and deposits, you could be saving more when you refinance your high-interest debt or open a savings with us. Join in our efforts to make a difference all while taking advantage of a great account with great value and service. Contact us today!


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