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Visa Debit Card

Visa® Debit Card is easier than checks & safer than cash

A Visa debit card, also known as a Visa check card, works like a check, only better. Debit card transactions are automatically deducted from your checking account and typically posted within 24 hours of your purchase, so you can check and always know what your balance. Visa debit cards are accepted at millions of places worldwide. Request a Visa Debit Card for each account holder when you open your checking account.

Looking for Fraud Protection for Your Checking Account?

Simply enroll your Visa Debit Card in the new SMSGuardian anti-fraud text alert notification service, which sends transaction alerts directly to your mobile phone or other SMS-enabled device. When a purchase that meets the monitoring criteria takes place, a text will be sent to you for review. If you think a particular transaction is fraudulent, reply immediately. A fraud analyst will block the card and follow up with you by phone. This added layer of security enables fraudulent activity to be identified and stopped immediately, which significantly reduces the likelihood that subsequent unauthorized transactions will occur.

To sign up, log into Online Banking and select the "Options” tab then "Transaction Alerts”. You will be prompted to enter your card information. If you have any questions concerning this service, please feel free to contact a Member Service Representative today.

 Report a LOST or STOLEN Visa Debit Card

  • 800.952.9639
  • You can also call 301.627.6000 and report the card stolen through our 24-hour Audio Teller.

If you have been contacted by our Risk Management support staff or your card is blocked (fraud) after hours, please call...

  • 800.417.4592