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Consumer Savings & Checking

Share Certificates

When you're working hard to save money, you want your money to work hard, too.

Share certificates earn higher dividends than a regular savings account by requiring your funds to sit on deposit for a specified time. These are excellent financial tools for reaching your savings goals. 

Regular Certificates

  • 6- or 12-month certificates $500 minimum balance.
  • 24- or 36-months certificates $1000 minimum balance.
  • 60 month certificates $1000 minimum balance.
  • Dividends accrue from day of deposit and are posted quarterly.
  • Share certificates can also be set up as Individual Retirement Account (IRA) certificates.

New - Bump Rate Certificates

Take advantage of our new bump rate 36-month and 60-month certificates. The bump rate certificate of deposit allows you to take advantage of a one-time rate increase during the term of your certificate. By electing to bump your certificate to the rate at the time of the election you are not extending the maturity date. Ask for more information! *see disclosure for complete details.

Pot of Gold Certificate Accounts

Need help with a more disciplined approach? Our Pot of Gold Certificate Accounts may be perfect for you. You choose a specific financial goal within a five-year term using one of the following tiers and agree to make the required deposits via automatic transfer through a payroll distribution or ACH. You can choose to make monthly or bi-weekly deposits depending on your personal pay schedule.





*You must make 60 monthly deposits or 130 biweekly deposits in the amounts indicated above beginning on the date you open the account‚ but before the maturity date‚ in order to obtain the target ending balance. It is your responsibility to ensure that the sufficient funds are in your account to cover automatic transfers to this Share Certificate. For example‚ if a new payroll deduction must be set up to fund this Share Certificate‚ which can take up to 6 weeks‚ you must make arrangements for the first two scheduled deposits to be made before payroll deduction kicks in. You may not make up missed deposits after the fact. PGCFCU makes no guarantee that the balance at maturity will be equal to or greater than the target balance that you have selected.