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Consumer Loans

Personal Loans

When you need money for a wedding, a new computer, or for emergency repairs, a PGCFCU Personal Loan may be the answer.

Unlike a home loan or vehicle loan which require the asset as collateral, personal loans can be extended based on your credit history and score, income levels, and debt ratio. Adding collateral like a savings account balance or certificate to secure a personal loan, however, can lower the already competitive interest rate. There is never a penalty for early repayment and convenient automatic payments are available as an option. 

Numerous borrowing solutions are available to suit your needs:

Signature Loans and Lines of Credit

These unsecured loans can be used for anything you like. You can choose a 48-60 month closed-end loan which is terminated when it is paid in full, or an open-end loan with a revolving and reusable line of credit.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

Stop worrying about making an embarrassing mistake or incurring large fees. The right solution for peace of mind is an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit that will cover any charges in excess of the balance of your checking account up to a pre-set limit.

Share or Certificate Secured Loans

Let your savings account work double-time. With a secured loan, you may borrow up to a 100% of the value of your share account or share certificate at a low interest rate. This way you have access to affordable credit without losing precious compounding time on your savings.

NEW *Credit Enhancer Loans

This loan is a great opportunity for you to establish credit or improve an existing credit score.  You can borrow as little as $500.00 and as much as $3,500.00 with a maximum pay back term of 36 months.  Rates as low as 4.00% Annual Percentage Rate.   Your loan amount will be secured in your share savings account for the duration of the loan.  The full amount will be frozen until the loan is paid off.  Once you have paid the loan off those funds belong to you. 

Manage Your Credit Responsibly

Before you take out any loan, be sure to visit our Managing Money & Credit resource center for guided tutorials, podcasts, and educational articles on using credit wisely and keeping your credit history intact. 

Protect Your Family with Loan Insurance

Credit life and disability insurance is available on nearly every loan we offer. It's a good way to prevent your family from hardship if you're unable to provide for them due to unforeseen circumstances.