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About Us

Prince George's Community Federal Credit Union is a financial cooperative serving the citizens who live, work, worship, or volunteer in Prince George's County for over 50 years.

The Credit Union Difference

Credit unions are financial institutions that offer a full range of financial products and services, similar to banks and other institutions that extend credit. But the similarities end there.

Credit Unions are different because:

  • We don’t have customers. We have "member-owners” who have a vested interest in the credit union and a say in how it’s run. That’s why our accounts are called "shares.”
  • We are not-for-profit cooperatives, organized for the purpose of encouraging our members to save and allowing them to borrow at reasonable rates.
  • We use this pool of savings to create a source of funds for loans for productive purposes at reasonable rates.
  • All profits go back into the credit union to improve services — not to outside sources or stockholders.
  • Members have a mutual interest and are tied together by a common bond.

Our Difference

The common bond shared by members of this organization is that we all live, work, worship, or volunteer in Prince George’s County, Maryland. We were founded in the county on August 18, 1967, and remain committed to serving its people, with over 16,000 members and assets above $160 million.

Our Vision

Helping our community achieve financial success

Our Mission

Providing exceptional service with integrity

Partnering For Financial Success