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Direct Deposit & Distribution

We like making financial management hassle-free for you.

Our consumer services like Direct Deposit and Payroll Distribution allow you flexibility, save you time and worry, and get the important things done for you so you can spend more time with your family.

Direct Deposit

Have your payroll or government check sent directly to your checking account at PGCFCU. Talk to your employer to find out if you’re eligible for direct deposit. Contact us for an enrollment form.

Payroll Distribution

Once you’re enrolled in direct deposit, you can have your money distributed among your other PGCFCU accounts or loans for automatic savings or convenient loan payments. Set up your Payroll Distribution through our secure online form located under "Next Steps" to the left.

Automatic Transfers

You can always move your money around with ease and flexibility by using NetBranch. The options in NetBranch allow you to set up automatic transfers to any of your PGCFCU accounts whenever you like. Simply log in to NetBranch above and choose the "transfers” tab.

Routing Number

The Prince George's Community FCU routing number is 255078188.