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Consumer Loans

Overdraft Protection

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s why we offer several ways to protect you from the fees and annoyance of overdrawing your account.

Transfers from Savings

We can make an automatic transfer to your checking from your regular savings account to cover any insufficient balance. This service is provided automatically and is available on both Advantage Checking and Teen Checking Accounts.

Overdraft Line of Credit

Members with a Advantage Checking Account can open this low-rate revolving loan to cover any excess balance up to a pre-set limit.

Courtesy Pay

This program can cover overdrafts on the following items only if the member opts into the program.
  • Checks and other transactions made using your checking account number.
  • Automatic bill payments.
  • ATM transactions.
  • Everyday debit card transactions.

Enroll today!

If you would like to opt in to this service, please complete the Courtesy Pay Opt In Form and submit it to the Credit Union. Please review our Discretionary Courtesy Pay Policy for more details.

Avoid Overdrafts with Careful Money Management

Our Checking Account Coach can teach you ways to stay on top of your checking account and avoid the mistakes most people make.