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2017 Lunch & Learn Webinars

Join us for any of the following webinars the second Tuesday of each month to challenge how you think about your finances or to help improve your financial condition. All sessions are conveniently available online from your computer or mobile device. Check out this year's series...

1/10/2017 | NOON - 1PM

Start Your Financial Checkup

Start the new year out right by taking a look at all of your finances and gaining a roadmap for living within your means and debt free.

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2/14/2017 | NOON - 1PM

When Love, Marriage and Money Come Together

Learn how to combine finances, set mutual goals and how to manage funds to achieve your dreams.

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3/14/2016 | NOON - 1PM

Mortgages: What You Need to Know

Learn about federal housing programs available, foreclosure prevention, the refinance process and more!

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4/11/2017 | NOON - 1PM

Understanding Credit Basics | Part I of Credit Series

This is the first webinar of a 3-part series focused on defining credit, understanding your credit report/score and teaching how credit impacts your life.

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5/9/2017 | NOON - 1PM

Building & Repairing Your Credit | Part II of Credit Series

Learn how to build or repair your credit in the second part of our credit series.

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6/13/2017 | NOON - 1PM

Protecting Yourself from Collectors | Part III of Credit Series

The final part of our credit series will walk though understanding your credit card statements and learning your rights as a consumer.

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8/8/2017 | NOON - 1PM

Talking to Your Kids About Money

From middle school to high school, learn about credit cards and money management tips your teenager can use.

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Identity Theft Prevention

Learn how identity theft happens, how to protect yourself and what to do if you fall a victim.

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11/14/2017 | NOON - 1PM

Surviving Holiday Money Abuse

Learn how to budget for the holidays and how to avoid some of the pitfalls of overspending.

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