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Lunch & Learn Webinar Series

Join us for any of the following webinars the second Tuesday of each month to challenge how you think about your finances or to help improve your financial condition. All sessions are conveniently available online from your computer or mobile device. Check out this year's series:

1/9/2018 | NOON - 1PM

Organize Your Finances for the New Year

Start the new year out right by taking a look at all of your finances and gaining a roadmap for living within your means and debt free.

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2/13/2018 | NOON - 1PM

ID Theft Protection & Prevention

With more and more companies being hit by hackers and major security flaws on the Internet, identity theft is becoming more and more of a threat. This also means that identity theft protection services are making it a big deal for everyone to sign up for their services. But what should you look out for? Also, is it possible to prevent yourself from becoming a victim? Join us to learn about identity theft and ways to protect your information.

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3/13/2016 | 11AM

What to Expect When Buying a Home

Part I of Mortgage Series

The homebuying process can be overwhelming and leave you with a number of questions. Come and learn about the important steps in the process and how to avoid costly mistakes.

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3/13/2016 | NOON

Preparing Your Finances for a Mortgage Lender

Part II of Mortgage Series

Join us to understand how to prepare yourself for a mortgage. Get a checklist of requirements to make sure that you are ready to apply and move forward in the home buying process.

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3/13/2016 | 1PM

Refinancing For Equity Use: Learn the Steps in the Process
Part III of Mortgage Series

Are you ready to tap the equity in your home? Do you know how much equity is in your property? If I do have equity what can I use it for? Come and learn the steps in the home equity process and find out if your home can be a solution to your financial goals.

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4/10/2018 | 11AM

Credit Score & Reports
Part I of Credit Series

Ready to really understand the details behind a credit score? Join us for this session to focus on learning the details of a credit report, how your score is calculated and how credit can impact your life. This is a very popular session and space is limited. So, sign up today!

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4/10/2018 | NOON

How to Eliminate Credit Card Debt
Part II of Credit Series

Each year millions of Americans fall behind in debt mostly due to credit card spending. Learn how to erase your credit card debt with a solid plan of action. Please be prepared with a list of outstanding debt and questions for this webinar. Seats are limited so register today!

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4/10/2018 | 1PM

Building & Repairing Your Credit
Part III of Credit Series

Learn the steps to repairing your credit and improving your score. 

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5/8/2018 | 11AM

How to Buy a Harley Davidson
Part I of Summertime Series

Buying a Harley Davidson could be one of your lifelong dreams. Join us as we learn what to look for in purchasing one of the hottest motorcycles in US history. Experts from Harley Davidson of Washington, DC located in Fort Washington, Maryland will outline the key features to look for in the and guide you through the process for new and used brands. Summer is just around the corner, so register for this session to prepare for the upcoming riding season. Register now. Spaces are limited.

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5/8/2018 | NOON

Entrepreneurship & Kids
Part II of Summertime Series

Many kids have dreams of owning their own business. As parents where do you start in guiding their interest?Come and learn from our expert and mother, Marcella Mollon-Williams, as she shares her experience in raising and guiding entrepreneur, author and speaker, Gabrielle Jordan . Register now. Spaces are limited.

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5/8/2018 | 1PM

Savvy Travelers Know the Secrets
Part III of Summertime Series

Ready to travel around the country or around the world? Come and find out the secrets to budgeting and finding the best deal. 

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9/11/2018 | NOON

Strategic Planning: Moving from Idea to Execution
Part I of Business Series

Do you have a business and not sure how to move your ideas into production? Find out the key steps in making your ideas come to life. The first step to a healthy bottom line starts by moving your plan forward.  

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9/11/2018 | 1PM

The Cost of Happiness: How Your Employees Unhappiness is Killing Your Production
Part II of Business Series

Office moral and the emotional state of your employees could affect sales and your bottom line. Come and learn tips to improving this for your office.  

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10/9/2018 | 11AM

Planning for the Future: Estate Planning and Wills

Part I of Financial Wellness for Women series

Come and learn the key components to building a legal document that will communicate your wishes to your loved ones and organize your estate when you are gone. 

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10/9/2018 | NOON

How to Structure a Work-Life Balance

Part II of Financial Wellness for Women series

Having a good balance between work and home life adds to your overall production. Come and learn how to start and maintain equal weight between the two. 

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10/9/2018 | 1PM

Your Health: Tips on Preventive Care
Part III of Financial Wellness for Women series

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11/13/2018 | 11AM

How to Complete the FAFSA
Part I of College Planning series

Thinking about college? Register to learn a major component in the college planning process and how to prepare.

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11/13/2018 | NOON

Financially Fueling College

Part II of College Planning series

Paying for the cost of a higher education can be expensive. Come and learn about how to find scholarship opportunities to alleviate some of the financial burden. 

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11/13/2018 | 1PM

Knowing the "Oops" Before You Go to College

Part III of College Planning series

Going to college may be a sign of independence from parents but it can also be a time of financial mistakes. Come and learn about the financial pitfalls many student make in the early stages of life and how to prevent and/or prepare for them.  

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